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CNG Conversion

One reason for the increasing popularity of CNG is its efficiency and functionality as an alternative fuel conversion system. To help reap such benefits, our technicians install certified CNG kits on your fleet that helps to cut fuel expenses. We also guide you about the refilling process on CNG stations, so you don’t have any nuisance to deal with during your first days of CNG conversion.

At Green Energy, we offer CNG installation service for all heavy and light-duty vehicles. Our experts can professionally handle your requirements and provide personalized services to give ultimate client satisfaction.

CNG Inspection and Consulting

At Green Energy, we have technicians that are expert in assessing your vehicle when it comes to installation of CNG kit. Our specialists also provide personalized consultation for our clients rather than giving a standard solution for every automotive.

We offer Inspection and Consulting in various domains, that covers all the dynamics of CNG solutions. Whether you are looking for equipment purchase, design or need information about the alternative fuel system, we cater to all of your needs.

Our specialists are skilled in the inspection of CNG cylinders as per industry standard and Department of Transportation guidelines. We also facilitate our clients to get the best CNG parts, equipment, and accessories that not only last long but are also cost-effective.

Servicing,Repair and Maintenance

CNG is one of the alternative fuel sources for automobiles which is why its compressor, equipment, and system requires regular maintenance and servicing. At Green Energy, we have experts fully dedicated to providing professional repair and maintenance services for your automobile CNG system. Our technicians know all the ins and outs of CNG related complications and always go a step ahead to provide a timely solution for your problems.

Designing and Installation

Removing the manufacturer-installed fuel system or adding CNG as an alternative fuel system, requires extensive knowledge in car’s design, prototype, and models. Without such information, it is quite challenging to handle CNG kit installation and can even lead to a technical breakdown.
At Green Energy, we have experts that are well versed in handling the installation of CNG and its parts for a range of vehicles. Our professionals know how to correctly execute each designing job and provide specialized services that not only fit your car but also act as a robust and cost-effective solution.

Manufacturing and Customization

Apart from offering CNG Consulting and Installation services, we also manufacture and remodel different types of prototypes and design for your fuel system. At Green Energy, we believe that every car has its requirement, which is why we provide tailored equipment and manufacturing services for our prospective clients.Our customization service includes,but is not limited to

  • Changes to CNG modules including enhancement in plug and play systems
  • Framing & protection of venerable fuel components
  • Hydrogen high-pressure ground storage modules
  • Cylinder brackets to accommodate high-pressure fuel storage