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CNG Conversion

It is effortless to convert your existing vehicle or fleet to use a cleaner and more reliable fuel. At green energy, we provide CNG vehicle conversion that not only saves cost on fuel but also offers an alternative efficient energy system for your automobile. CNG is also cleaner and cheaper than petrol and is also an effective way to increase your car’s mileage. We offer bespoke CNG vehicle conversion services at an inexpensive cost for the following,

  • Automobiles, SUV, trucks conversion to Bi-fuel gasoline or CNG
  • Conversion of industrial trucks, forklifts, heavy-duty truck to a dual-fuel system
  • Food carts and food truck conversion to CNG
  • CNG fuel system, piping and compressor repair, maintenance and installation
  • CNG ground storage repair and update
  • Entire Fleet conversion & fleet fueling services

At Green Energy RID we offer numerous different consultation options to our clients. customers can call our helpline or visit the website to learn more about the numerous different consulting options available. Some of these options are as follows:

  • CNG facility operation
  • Equipment purchase
  • Good business practices
  • Safety guidelines
  • High pressure control
  • Design
  • Compliance

The technical experts working at Green Energy Rid are specialists when it comes to inspecting car parts and equipment. Following are some of the inspecting options offered by us:

  • CNG cylinders ((DOT certified cylinders like the ones used in vehicles must be inspected every 3 years or 36000 miles whichever comes first))
  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Facilities
  • Equipment
Service & maintenance

Please follow the manufacturers’ recommended service intervals, for CNG related, components should be checked at least once per year. our services include amongst others:

  • Alternative fuel vehicles
  • Fleet CNG fueling facilities
  • Equipment maintenance schedules and implementation

When it comes to designing various alternative fuel components and ready to use modules, Green Energy Rid is one of the best in the field. Following are some of the designing areas we offer:

  • CNG equipment
  • CNG trailers for gas transport
  • Assemblies complete modules for alternative fuel
  • Mobile CNG compression

We listen to the customers’ needs and wants, we draft, design, prototype and tailor suitable solutions then manufacture the final approved product, some of which are:

  • CNG fuel modules including controls for plug and play systems
  • Framing & protection of sensitive alternative fuel components
  • Cylinder brackets for stationary high-pressure fuel storage
  • Hydrogen high pressure ground storage modules

Green Energy
Research Innovation Development

The team behind Green Energy Rid are very proud at making sure each and every one of our customers is completely satisfied with the services we have to offer. We understand that our mission to stand out amongst the rest can never be accomplished until and unless we make it a point to communicate efficiently with our clients and ensure 100% satisfaction.

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“I sincerely appreciate and respect how you conduct business. Thank you for that!”


“Thank you very much for calling and helping me yesterday, … You are a credit to the CNG industry!”

M.W. Mid-Ohio, USA 2018

“Thanks…, we have been fortunate to have great people like you to support us to make this Successful.”

(FedEx CNG fleet conversion) M.P. Fleet president-2016